III. Design duties

1. Applied code and design standards
- Current codes and standards.
- Code QCXDVN 01:2008/BXD on construction planning.
- Code QCXDVN 10:2014/BXD on construction works to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.
- Code QCVN 08:2009/BXD on urban underground works.
- Code QCVN 06:2010/BXD on fire prevention for houses and construction works.

- Vietnamese standard TCVN 4319:2012 on Houses and public works - Basic principles for design.
- Foreign design standards (if any) (applicable standards must ensure consistency and compliance with regulations on application of construction codes and standards in construction activities under Circular No.18/2010/TT-BXD dated 15 October 2010 of Ministry of Construction).

2. Location and characteristics of the area, boundaries, scope of study

2.1 Location and characteristics of the area:
The study area for the extended APEC Sculpture Garden is located in Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City with the following characteristics:
- Land area: 8,668m2
- East: Adjacent to the extended Bach Dang Street (36m(9m+15m+12m)).
- West: Adjacent to 2/9 Street (33m(5.0+11.5+6)).
- South: Binh Minh Street 4.
- North: The current APEC Sculpture Garden.

2.2 Bounderies of the research scope: As in the approved plan, the scope of study is expanded from Dragon Bridge to Tran Thi Ly Bridge.

(The boundaries: red line is the design scope and blue line is the study scope)

3. Design requirements
3.1 General requirements
Design a public park-community space in connection with the current APEC Sculpture Garden to serve as a space for cultural activities, daily acitivities of Da Nang people and tourists, and a highlight for the landscape of Dragon Bridge’s West area as well.
3.2 Design requirements:
- Provide a solution for space organization in the park, ensure that it is: unique, beautiful, economical, and feasible and fits in the overall view, the layout, the climate of the area.
- Propose design solutions for each specific work category.
- Propose solution for connection in space, view, traffic, functions and with the surrounding works: the current APEC Sculpture Garden, Cham Museum, the solution for improving the traffic in the West of Dragon Bridge, the decoration and landscape of the river bank on extended Bach Dang Street, the park area at the beginning of Nguyen Van Troi Bridge.
- Propose solutions for related facilities: traffic, supply of electricity, lighting, water supply and drainage, parking lot.
- Recommend the modern, high quality equipment to serve the park’s activities effectively.
- Propose plans of activities and the exploitation of the park, as well as the appropriate, economical operation and maintain plan.

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