II. Examination Regulation

1. Examination Modality: This contest is widely held for domestic and oversea candidates.
2. Purpose:
- To serve as a basis for design consultancy organizations and individuals who are qualified to create the needed design plan.
- To serve as a basis for Board of Organization and the Examination Council in choosing design plans.
3. Contest requirements:
- Organizations and individuals applying for the contest must meet the current State regulations on capacity for civil acts.
 - Candidate units must be fully, seriously aware of their reponsibility, rights and benefits when participating in the contest and thereof nominate the experienced, qualified achitects, engineers to study and propose design plans that meet the criterea and technical specifications prescribed in “Design duties”
- Organizations and individuals applying for the contest must comply with the current Vietnamese standards and with the international standards approved by the Vietnamese competent agencies.
- Candidate units bear all expenses related to the contest participation.
- Foreign organizations and individuals must have their private interpreters.
4. Subjects and conditions for participating in the contest.
- All individuals, units and organizations inside and outside the country (except for members of the Board of Organization, Examination Council, the Technical Assisting Team or other subjects related to the contest organization.) meeting all of the following conditions are eligible to participate in the contest.
- Design consulting organizations, independent companies, joint-names, joint ventures or individuals inside and outside the country having legal status and operating under Vietnamese law provisions; having full capacity for civil acts in accordance with the law provisions.
- Each consulting unit can take part in one joint-name only. The minute of joint-name must be sent to the Contest’s Board of Organization, in which name of a unit, individual to take responsibility mainly must be specified.
5. Board of Organization and Examination Council
- Board of Organization: includes Leaders of Da Nang People’s Committee, representatives of Departments, State agencies and specialists in the fields of Architecture, Planning, Construction, Culture, History.
- Professional Advisory Council and Examination Council: Includes specialists and management officers in the fields of Architecture, Planning, Construction, Culture, History and Economic invited by the Board of Organization.
6. Requirements for contest registration dossiers:
6.1. Registration for the contest
    The registration dossier must include:
    - Registration form (Appendix 1)
- Profile of capacity (Appendix 2)
The registration dossiers can be submit directly or sent to the Organization Board by post.
Based on the competencies of registered units, the Organization Board shall choose all units meeting the requirements and invite them to participate in the contest.
6.2. Submittal of design plans
Units invited to participate in the contest have 45 days to conduct the plan (including the time of studying the status quo, asking and answering questions related to the contest).
The products of candidate units are submitted to the Organization Board directly or by post.
* Note: Should the products are submitted by post, it must reach the Organization Board ahead of the prescribed time limit, postmark shall not be counted. If not, the products shall be eliminated and not returned.
Products must be fully sealed, with one and only "Anonymous code" stated outside, a qualified set of products must include:
  1. A Profile on candidate unit information (Appendix 3).
  2. Design plan, including:
- 14 sets of explanatory notes, size A3 + 01 đĩa CD showing the following contents:
+ Design ideas.
+ Compliance with regional planning and landscape architectural requirements.
+ Functions
+ Display solutions
+ Technical and construction solutions (if any)
+ Environment protecting and fire preventing solutions
+ Estimating cost and economic efficiency
+ Minimized drawing file
+ Video (if any).
- 01 set of drawing displayed on hard board sized A1 + CD showing the following contents::
+ General ground, ground plan, vertical surface, construction section.
+ The construction perspectives, display interior perspective.
+ Other drawings (proposed by the candidate units to highlight the idea)
- Model (if any)
6.3. Anynomous Principle.
The candidate unit selects 1 “Anynomous code” on their own to put on the design plan. The code consists of 2 letters and 2 numbers (Eg. AB12)
The design plan only shows anonymous code. Name and information related to the candidate unit could not be revealed. The profile of candidate unit is preserved and only be released when the Examination Board completes the evaluation on all design plans.
* Note: The Organization Board does not accept any application dossier with the name of the candidate unit or any symbol  related to the candidate unit information.
6.4. Giving a defence for the design plan in front of the Examination Board.
After submitting the product, candidate units shall be informed of the official time and place to protect the plan before the Examination Board.
Each unit appoints representatives to present and protect the design plan in the form of presentation and explanation. Candidate units prepare files and show them at the presentation. In case of reporting in other forms, the candidate unit shall prepare necessary facilities itself.
Maximum time for each candidate units: 15 minutes
6.5. Process of examination
After studying the plans and listening to the presentation of all units, the Examination Board shall analyze, evaluate and give marks. Plans with the highest score are ranked according to the prize structure.
Criteria for evaluation:
No. Criteria Maximum score
1 Solution for planning 20
2 Architecture-display solution 50
3 Technical solution 15
4 Economic solution 10
5 Presentation, explanation, defence of the plan 5
  Total score 100
Reports of evaluation results and ranking must be certified with signatures of all Examination Council members.
Consulting units participating in the examination do not have the right to request an explanation of the grading and ranking of the design plans.
6.6. Announcing the results and awarding prizes.
The Organization Board summarizes the results then reports to the investment approving agency as well as the investor for approval. After that, the Board will announce the official results of the contests. In case investors or investment approving agencies requires to hear the details, only high-ranked plans are choosen to make report. The consulting agency is responsible for preparing the full application for reporting upon request.
The award ceremony is held after the results are approved.
7. Prize structure
- 01 First prize : 350 million Vietnamese dong.
- 01 Second prize   : 150 million Vietnamese dong.
- 01 Third prize    : 50 million Vietnamese dong.
- Top 5 of the contest are entitled the support of : 50 million Vietnamese dong.
The value of the prize includes taxes that the winner have to pay as stipulated currently by the State. They are given to the units after the investor approves the contest results and the units fulfill necessary financial procedures.
8. Rights and responsibility of the candidate units
To comply with the contest’s regulations.
To take full responsibility before law for copying or using parts of architectural project of other authors.
Not to use the prize-winning plans in this contest for any other contests.
Units with high-ranked plans shall be given priority to negotiate and sign contracts to implement the next steps. If the selected unit does not meet the capacity requirements, it is possible to joint-name with qualified consulting organizations.
In case the negotiation is not succesful or the high-ranked units refuse to do the next designing steps, the investor will select the other appropriate unit to implement approved plan.
9. Rights and responsibility of the Organization Board
To organize the contest publicly and transparent.
To make sure that all requirements are informed to the candidate units fully and clearly.
To protect the information of candidate units.
To own all the products in the contest.
To pay the prizes as prescribed.
To inquire for the reimbursement of prize upon detecting the use of prize-winning plan in other contests.
To choose the most qualified and suitable unit to implement the next steps based on the ideas and research results of many plans in this contest, with the reference and credit to the source.


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