II. Competition regulations

II. Competition regulations
1. Competition form
For domestic and overseas competitors.
2. Purpose
-  To provide a basis for qualified consultancies and individuals to offer their ideas.
-  To provide a basis for the Organizing board and the Selection board to collect design ideas.
3. Competition requirements
-  Organizations and individuals participating in the design competition shall be of sufficient civil conduct capacity in accordance with the current Vietnamese law.
-  Competitors shall be fully and seriously aware of the responsibilities and benefit in the competition to select the experienced and professional Architects and specialized Engineer for research and proposal of quality design plans that meet the criteria and requirements specified in the design mission;
-  Observing the current Vietnamese construction and design norms and standards and international standards approved by Vietnamese competent authorities.
-  Competitors shall bear all relevant expenses incurred during the competition.
-  Foreign organizations and individuals shall have private interpreters.
4. Allowable competitors and competing requirements
-  All domestic and international individuals and organizations (excluding constituents of the Organizing board, Selection board, Technical board and other individuals and organizations in connection with the competition preparation and organization) meeting the following requirements are allowable to be the competitors.
-  Domestic and international design consultancy organizations, independent companies, partnerships, joint ventures or individuals having legal entities, operating in accordance with the Vietnamese laws; having sufficient civil conduct capacity in accordance with the Vietnamese laws.
-  Each consultancy organization is only permitted to take part in a joint venture, the joint venture minutes shall identify the main organization or individual of the joint venture and shall be submitted to the Organizing board. Joint venture partners shall be responsible for their rights and obligations in the joint venture; the Organizing board takes no responsibility for such rights and obligations.
5. Organizing board and Selection board constituents
-  Organizing board: Including representatives of the Departments and agencies, and experts in Architecture, Planning, Construction, Trade, Culture and Tourism.
-  Expert council and Selection board: Including managers of the People’s Committee of the city and experts and managers in: Architecture, Planning, Construction, Culture, Tourism and Economics proposed by the Organizing board.
6. Requirements of competition application document
6.1 Competition application
Competition application document shall include:
-  Competition application (Appendix 1).
-  Qualification Statement (Appendix 2).
The competition application document shall be submitted in person or by post to the Organizing board.
The Organizing board will review the applicants’ qualifications to select qualified competitors.
6.2 Delivery submission to the competition
Competitors will have 60 days to complete their ideas, not including the time for situation survey.
The delivery shall be submitted in person or by post to the Organizing board.
+ Notes: Submission by post shall arrive at the Organizing board's address ahead of the deadline regardless of the posting time stamp or it will be denied without return.
The delivery shall be sealed and only marked with the competitor’s “Anonymous ID” and shall include:
a) Information of the competitor (Appendix 3).
b) Idea for competition, including:
-  18 presentation set in A3 size + 01 CD containing:
+ Design idea
+ Conformity with requirements of regional landscape planning and architecture.
+ Master plan design solution.
+ Functional design solution.
+ Technical and construction solution (if any).
+ Environmental and fire protection solution.
+ Cost estimate and economic efficiency exploitation plan.
+ Mini drawing set.
-  01 drawing set on carton board in A1 size + CD, containing:
+ Master plan (1/500)
+ Functional plan (1/200)
+ Elevation plan of 04 sides of the building (1/200)
+ Kiosk interior layout solution
+ Building and interior perspective plans.
+ Other drawings (added by the competitors to highlight their ideas).
-  Model of the plan (if any).
-  Illustrating video (should have)
6.3 Principle of anonymity
Each competitor shall choose an “Anonymous ID” for their delivery, consisting of 2 letters and two digits (for example: AB12).
The delivery shall show only anonymous ID and no name nor information related to the competitor shall be revealed.
The information of the competitors are secured and published only when the Selection board completed the review and selection of the competition deliveries.
*  Notes: Documents with competitor’s name revealed therein or in the ID thereof will be denied by the Organizing board.
6.4 Competitors’ defense in front of the Selection Board
After delivery submission, competitors will be informed of the time and place to defense their ideas before the Selection board.
Each competitor sends representatives to report and protect the plan by presentation. The competitor shall prepare the file and project it for presentation. In case of reporting in another form, the competitor shall equip themselves with the necessary facilities.
The maximum time for each competitor is 30 minutes, and up to 35 minutes for a foreign competitor with interpreter.
6.6 Selecting process
After studying the deliveries and listening to competitors' presentation, the Selection board will perform the analysis, review and selection. Deliveries with highest scores will be ranked according to the prize structure.
Assessment criteria:

No. Assessment criteria Highest score
1 Planning solution 25
2 Architectural solution 45
3 Technical solution 15
4 Economic solution 10
5 Presentation 5
  Total 100

Notes: The contents of design solutions shall meet the design requirements; economic solutions shall have cost estimates and effective investment and exploitation plans attached thereto.
Reports on evaluation and rating results shall bear the signatures of acknowledgment from all members of the Selection board.
Competitors are not allowed to request the explanation of the competing plan scoring and ranking processes.
-  Award announcement and granting.
The Organizing board shall summarize the results and report to the investment decision maker and the project owner to decide and announce the official competition results. If the project owner or the investment decision maker requests for details, only highly ranked deliveries are allowed to be reported. The consultancy organizations are responsible for preparing sufficient documents to present at request.
The award ceremony will be held after the results are approved.
Prize structure.
+ 01 First prize: VND 400 million.
+ 01 Second prize: VND 100 million.
+ 01 Third prize: VND 50 million.
+ 01 community prize: VND 30 million.
+ Encouragement to 6 teams in the top 10 competitors (04 competitors of highest ranks excluded): VND 120 million.
The value of the award above, with all taxes payable by grantees in accordance with the regulations included, will be sent to competitors after the project owner approves the competition results and competitors complete the necessary financial procedures.
7. Rights and responsibilities of competitors
To strictly comply with this regulation.
Any competitor copying or reusing part(s) of the architectural project(s) of other author(s) shall be responsible before the law and the author(s) of such original project(s).
Not to use the idea prized in this competition for another competition.
Any competitor winning the first prize is prioritized to be selected for negotiation and contract execution for further steps. A selected competitor with insufficient capacity may enter into partnership with consultancy organizations with sufficient capacity to perform the plan.
If the competitor winning a high rank refuses to take further steps, the owner will select other suitable design contractor for performance.
8. Rights and responsibilities of Organizing board
To organize the competition transparently. To notify competitors of requirements fully and clearly.
To protect competitors' information.
To own all deliveries submitted to the competition.
To pay the awards to competitors as regulated.
To claim for refund of the award from any competitor detected to use their idea in another competition.
To select the most appropriate competitor qualified for further steps based on ideas from this competition provided that sources are fully credited in use.


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