III. Design mission

III. Design mission
1. Applicable design standards and norms
- Current norms and standards.
- Vietnam Building Code QCXDVN 01:2008/BXD on construction planning.
- Vietnam Building Code QCXDVN 10:2014/BXD on construction of works to ensure access for people with disabilities.
- Vietnam Code QCVN 08:2009/BXD on urban underground works.
- Vietnam Code QCVN 06:2010/BXD on fire safety for houses and works.
- Vietnam Standard TCVN 4319:2012 on Houses and public buildings - Basic principles for design.
- Vietnam Standard TCVN 9211:2012, Markets - Design Standard.
- Foreign design standards (if any) (applicable standards should ensure the uniformity and compliance with regulations on application of construction codes and standards in construction activities in compliance with the Circular No. 18/2010/TT-BXD dated 15 October 2010 of the Ministry of Construction).
2 Design requirements
2.1 Location and characteristics of the land area, and situation of the work
a) Location and characteristics of the land area
Location: 290, Hung Vuong street, Vinh Trung ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.
- Boundaries of the research area:
+ To the North: Bordered by Alley K269 Ong Ich Khiem
+ To the South: Bordered by Hung Vuong street
+ To the East: Bordered by Pham Ngu Lao street
+ To the West: Bordered by Ong Ich Khiem street

* Location of Con Market on Google Maps

Situation of design boundary of Con Market

* Location of Con Market in the city center zoning plan

Da Nang city center zoning plan (1/5000)
City center zoning plan
Location of Hai Chau district, Thanh Khe district, Hoa Minh ward - Lien Chieu district, Khue Trung, Hoa Tho Dong and Hoa Phat wards - Cam Le district

b) Current situation
- Con Market was built on an area of ​​13,714m², with the front of its block 1 on Hung Vuong street, a 3-story block on Ong Ich Khiem street and 9 level-4 blocks on the back.
+ Total market area: 13,714m².
+ Market building area: 12,644m², building density: 92.2%.
+ Total building area (office area excluded): 10,728m².
+ Commercial area: 5,334.3m², accounting for 49.7% of the building area.
- Con Market area is distributed unevenly to kiosks: each has the average total area of 4.5m²; but some are really small with the total area from 1.0m² to 1.5m² each.
- Business status (Year 2019)
+ Total household businesses: 2,011, of which 1,711 are permanent and approximately 300 are temporary.
+ Estimated total market, service and non-business fees receivable: VND 18,700 billion.
* General evaluation of Con Market situation
- Con Market was built on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Liberation of Da Nang city (29 March 1985); it is more than 30 years since then so the technical infrastructure, auxiliary works, fire protection system have become patchwork and the environmental sanitation is degraded, no longer suitable nor able to guarantee market activities. Unified and fragmented product line planning makes it difficult to organize business activities and the environmental sanitation and hinders the construction of a food safety and commercial civilized market.
- Too high building density (92%), shortage of parking area and auxiliary works and inappropriate traffic access cause the market area to be frequently congested.
- The current small business space does not meet the needs of household businesses in need of premises for bulky and high-value products (according to the report on the results of a household business survey by Da Nang City Institute for Socio-Economic Development).
* Con Market situation on Google Maps

Situation of current boundaries and adjacent land
* Con Market situation

Sky blue line: Approved plan boundary
Cobalt blue line: Adjusted plan boundary

2.2 Design requirements
- The market type is determined to be modernization and civilization -oriented traditional market that meets the needs of the development of commerce, service and tourism activities of the city (according to the guideline of the People’s Committee of Da Nang city in the Announcement No. 122/TB-UBND dated 25 September 2019 of the People’s Committee of Da Nang city and the results of a household business survey by Da Nang City Institute for Socio-Economic Development).
- The design solution shall ensure the feasibility and at least meet the current need, while reserving for future development.
- The solution shall meet the small businesses’ needs of business premises and product diversification.
- The appearance shall be modern and at the scale of a city central market to create accents on the local landscape architecture.
- The design solution shall create a distinctive image of the “Con Market branch” and recall the market's long history.
- The boundary of the overall study of the plan shall be within the boundaries of the land lot, and able to connect with nearby works and the surrounding market street.
3. The specific requirements of the solution
3.1 Planning solution
- Master plan as in the approved planning
Pursuant to the Decision No. 2307/QD-UBND dated 23 April 2015 of the People’s Committee of Da Nang city approving the revision of the 1:500 detailed master plan of Con Market Shopping Mall and surrounding areas, the land use balance is as follows:


Sky blue line: Approved plan boundary
Cobalt blue line: Adjusted plan boundary

No. Land use items Abbreviation Area (m²) Proportion (%)
Con Market Shopping Mall A2 16,681 68.07
  Building area   6,902  
  Green space   6,118  
  Internal traffic and yard   3,661  
Residential land B2-1 0  
Land for further renovation B1 693 2.83
Traffic and technical trench   7,130 29.10
  Total   24,504 100.00
According to the Decision on Approval, the area for market building is 6,902m², corresponding to the building density of 41.37% (6,902m²/16,681m²).
* Notes: The master planning solution may refer to the revised approved plan or a newly offered solution provided that the building density on the land for further urban renovation shall not exceed 60% (Vietnam Code QCVN 01:2008/BXD).
- Boundaries of the design survey
+ Hard boundaries: The revised planning boundaries as specified in the Decision No. 2307/QD-UBND surround an area of 24,504m² which includes:
Areas planned for market activities, including areas for business spots and service areas (such as parking lots, warehouses, food courts, entertainment and other services), garden and internal roads of the market.
The residential land saved for further renovation marked B1 covers an area of 693m².
+ Soft boundaries: Area and specialized streets around the market.
- Requirements of the master plan design solution
+ The functional and transport structures and technical infrastructure inside and outside the market shall be interrelated and match with the regional landscape.
+ Current and future use needs for land areas of the following items shall be met: area for construction of main market building (and other roofed constructions), outdoors shopping space, internal roads and parking area and green space.
+ The traffic network around the market shall be completely reorganized, including solutions to traffic access to the market to avoid traffic congestion (on Hung Vuong street and Ong Ich Khiem street) and entrance and exit of the parking area and of the market by vehicles of various types. The parking area of vehicles of various types for the buildings traffic access shall be within the red boundary line, and local pavement and roadway shall not be used as the market's parking area.
+ Solution to fire protection shall ensure the market access for fire fighting.
+ The solution shall organize public transport to access the market.
+ Accessibility and use of people with disabilities shall be guaranteed.
+ The forecast of the number of people when the building is put into operation shall be made for a solution to meet the requirements of the region's technical infrastructure systems transportation, water supply, drainage, electricity supply, environmental sanitation, etc.
+ Parking space for markets and contingencies for surrounding areas shall be secured.
Parking area is calculated based on the number of vehicles brought to the market, including which of customers and household businesses. The number of customersvehicles accounts for 60% to 70% of the total number of customers present at the market at a time. The number of customers at a time is calculated based on the business area (including area for temporary businesses) with the standard of 2.4 m² to 2.8 m² per customer.
+ The solution shall properly arrange the main market building and other roofed construction items.  The direction of the building shall be logically arranged to catch the cool breeze and avoid direct hot sunlight, convenient for customers to approach from all sides, while providing good efficiency for the regional landscape.
Aggregation, dispersion or combined solution may be used for the main market building, depending on the design solution, business nature, site conditions, climate, investment level and construction plan, etc.
+ Solution for outdoors shopping space shall be offered for temporary vendors.  Appropriate solutions should be offered depending on the situation: awnings, no walls, can be fixed or mobile, to create favorable conditions for vendors and customers in bad weather conditions.
The outdoors shopping space shall not affect the general landscape but be convenient for garbage collection, easy for management and not cause traffic jam nor affect the street beauty.
+ Night market and night food market shall be properly arranged to serve locals and visitors.
Night market: Operating from 07 PM to 11 PM, main products are  souvenirs, clothes, shoes, fashion, etc.
Night food market: the night food market at the front of Con Market (Hung Vuong street pavement) is the specialty of the market. This product is well-known to many tourists and has been spontaneously formed (by about 10 household businesses) since the  market was rebuilt. This activity needs to be maintained, upgraded and developed to serve locals and visitors at night.
  • Notes: The coverage proportion of market building items shall comply with the standard (section 6.4.4, Vietnam Standard TCVN 9211:2012, Markets - Design Standard):
Item Proportion (%)
1. Coverage of the main market building (and other roofed items), up to 40
2. Coverage of the outdoors shopping space, at least 25
3. Coverage of the internal roads and parking area, at least 25
4. Coverage of the yard and green space, at least 10
3.2 Architectural solution
- Requirements of the market scale
The scale of the market design solution shall meet the needs of the existing 2,011 household businesses, with contingencies for surrounding areas and future development, while exploiting land use efficiency by floor area increase.
Proposed area scale
+ The land use quota for 1 business spot in a market of over 2,000 household businesses is 12m²/business spot (section 6.2.1, Vietnam Standard TCVN 9211:2012, Markets - Design Standard).
+ The total construction floor area required to accommodate the existing 2,011 household businesses (4m²/household business) is: 2,011 * 4 + (50% + 50%) * 2,011 * 4 = 16,088m².
Of which:
50% is the minimum coverage proportion regulated for customers’ traffic over the total floor area (section 7.3.4, Vietnam Standard TCVN 9211:2012, Markets - Design Standard).
The remaining 50% is the area for other spaces such as the market management office of the management board, the service business spaces such as spaces for catering services, day care, home appliance repair, entertainment, commercial information, credit and banking, post and telecommunications and other types of services, the auxiliary function space and the technical function space.
+ The total proposed construction floor area is:
Building area = 16,088 + 16,088 * 30% = 20,914.4m²
Of which: 30% is contingency.
Proposed elevation scale
Up to 08 stories above ground and 02 stories below ground, of which:
+ Traditional market area (rearranged for existing small businesses): up to 03 stories (matching the traditional market model and meeting the aspirations of the majority of small businesses).
+ Commercial area: up to 05 stories.
+ Basement parking area for the market and surrounding areas: up to 02 stories.
- Requirements of market's functional parts
Including: The market management board, permanent businesses, temporary businesses, auxiliary and technical part.
+ Market management board: Market management office, offices of professional staff, meeting room, reception, executive information office, food hygiene and safety lab, goods quality management office, technical management office, medical office, security booths, standing office, tax office, police office, etc.
+ Temporary businesses:
Goods businesses: Fresh food, Traditional dry food, Technology products, Crafts, Fabrics and Garment, Cosmetics, Grocery, Stationery, Cultural products, Household appliances, Porcelain, Chemicals and metal, Electric and electronic appliances, etc.
Service businesses: Catering services, Day care, Bag storage, Home appliance repair, Entertainment, Public bathing and laundry, Loading, Commercial information, Advertisement, Credit and banking, Post and telecommunications, etc.
+ Temporary businesses
- Requirements of the main market building:
Specific solutions shall be proposed for spaces within the main market building, including:
+ Spaces for business spots (kiosks) of vendors: Spatial arrangement and division solution shall be suitable for each product line.
+ Customerstraffic space, ie space for traveling, watching, picking, trying and buying goods of customers:  customerstraffic shall be organized according to specific premises to facilitate traffic and access to kiosks.
+ Working space of the market management board
+ Service business space
+ Auxiliary function space
+ Technical function space.
- Requirements of the main market building structural and architectural design solution
The sustainability, feasibility and rationality of traditional market space, ventilation, fire safety and environmental sanitation shall be guaranteed.
- Requirements of the fire protection solution
Traffic organization solution and fire protection system design shall ensure safety for the use of the work.
- Requirements of the garbage collection system
Garbage collection solution shall ensure convenience and environmental sanitation.
4. Construction engineering
- Technical systems and construction equipment (electricity, communications, security, elevators, air conditioners, water supply and drainage, fire protection, environmental protection, etc.) shall be synchronous, modern, highly secure and conform to current standards and regulations.
- Appropriate construction technology and materials shall be applied to reduce investment costs.
- The structure shall be modern, safe, sustainable, earthquake resistant and feasible.
- Energy-saving solutions shall be available: lighting and ventilation shall be natural, the use of air-conditioning shall be minimized.
5. Investment solution
- Construction investment fund shall be economical and fit the local conditions while ensuring proper and economical operation and maintenance.
- The effective investment and exploitation plan shall be proposed to socialize the investment capital.
6. Other requirements
- The building shall fit to local climatic and natural conditions.
- The psycho-physiological needs and characteristics of the locale shall be met.
- Additional contents may be proposed to fully meet the use requirements of the work.
- Future scalability.


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