Design task

IV. Design task.
1. Design standards and regulations applied
- Current standards and regulations.
- The QCXDVN 01:2008/BXD regulation on construction planning.
- The QCXDVN 10: 2014 / BXD regulation on construction of works to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.
- The QCVN 08: 2009/BXD regulation on urban underground works.
- The QCVN 06: 2010/BXD regulation on fire safety for houses and buildings.
- The QCVN 07: 2016/BXD regulation on technical infrastructure works.
- National standard TCVN 4319: 2012 on Houses and public works - Basic principles for design.
- Based on the standard TCVN 9257: 2012 on planning green trees for public use in urban areas - design standards;
- Foreign design standards (if any) (applicable standards should ensure consistency and compliance with regulations and standards in construction activities according to the Circular No. 18/2010/TT- BXD dated 15 October 2010 of the Ministry of Construction).
2. Location, characteristics of land areas, boundaries and scope of research
2.1 Location, characteristics of land areas:
The land area is located in Thac Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City. Planning land area has the following characteristics:
- The total area of research land area is 196,088m2, of which the water surface area is 107,278m2.
- The four adjacent areas are as follows
+ The East abuts on   : Existing residential area;
+ The West abuts on  : Nguyen Tri Phuong Street;
+ The South abuts on: Commercial and service land area;
+ The North abuts on: Dien Bien Phu Street and bus transit station.


2.2 Boundary of research scope
* Hard boundary: The area is about 19.6 ha, is the boundary of planning research including the scope of areas determined according to the following legal documents:
- Decisionn No. 6969/QD-UBND dated 02 October 2019 of the City People's Committee on approving the adjustment of detailed planning, scale of 1/500 to upgrade the 29/3 Park, with a total area of 188,217m2 ( including the area that has cleared the intersection of Nguyen Tri Phuong - Dien Bien Phu streets and the land of relocation of graves.
- Decision No. 2263/QD-UBND dated 22 May 2019 by the People's Committee of Da Nang City on approving the detailed planning, scale of 1/500 at lane area No. 27 Dien Bien Phu with approved planning area of 1,982m2.
- Notice No. 169/TB-UBND dated 02 November 2016 of the City People's Committee agreeing under the proposal of the Department of Construction in Official Dispatch No. 7465/SXD-QLKTr dated 05 September 2016 on the exchange for the Jean Desjoyaux Agent Joint Stock Company and Report No. 437/BC-STNMT dated 10 June 2019 on the proposal to revoke an area of 666m2 in 29/3 Park to expand the park.
* Soft boundary: is the boundary of planning research including hard boundaries and surrounding project areas related to the project, including
- Dien Bien Phu - Nguyen Tri Phuong intersection.
- Walking bridge over Nguyen Tri Phuong street in front of 29/3 Park.
- Walking bridge over Dien Bien Phu street in front of the 29/3 park: According to the Decision No. 2185/QD-UBND dated 17 May 2019 of the City People's Committee on approving the BVTC design and estimating the costs, the position of the walking bridge over Dien Bien Phu street in front of the park's main gate, the total length of 35.1m, the cross-section of the bridge is 3.5m wide, the staircase consists of 2 branches up and down, arranged on both sides of the sidewalk with a width of 1.9m.
- Nguyen Kim building complex : Pursuant to the Decision No. 2521/QD-UBND dated 08 June 2019 of the City People's Committee on approving the adjustment of the master plan, scale of 1: 500, the area of the land is 14,615m2, construction of a complex of 18 storeys + 02 basements, including 01 hotel tower block - 14-storey tourist apartment and 01 office tower block for rent with 14 storey together with a 4-storey commercial service center, construction area of 9,644m2, construction density of 65.3%, total height of 75m.
- Development scheme of claypot rice food street along Nguyen Tri Phuong street (section from Nguyen Van Linh to Dien Bien Phu) under the project of Thanh Khe District service development in the period of 2016 - 2020 and the following years of Thanh Khe District People's Committee.
- The program of urban embellishment and reconstruction of the city under the guidelines of the Standing Party Committee in Official Dispatch No. 5213/UBND-QLDT dated 02 August 2019 of the City People's Committee on the implementation of conclusions of the Standing Party Committee.

* The boundary of the research area
* Land boundaries on google map:

3. Status of the park:

4. Design requirements:
4.1 General requirements
- Determining the nature and functions of the 29/3 park is a cultural park, with a function of a general park serving many objects.
- Plan of spatial organization planning can be used partially or not use the ground approved in the past.
- The plan of optimal, creative and feasible planning design ensures appropriate architectural planning norms, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding urban space, creating a typical image, synchronous connection with the technical infrastructure system in the region.
- The plan of 29/3 park planning design must form a typical community living space of the city and is the place where cultural exchange activities take place during holidays, Tet and normal activities to serve the people of the city and visitors with the combination of architectural elements, landscape of water surface, green landscape, entertainment area.
- Predict possible fluctuations in the future, ensure long-term usability.
- Determine solutions for organizing park spaces and solutions to rationalize functional structures to meet the criteria:
+ Has a vision and philosophy of design
+ Unique and impressive, creating image and brand
+ Rich and diverse
+ Creative, flexible
+ Convenient and accessibility
+ Eco and sustainable
- Suitable for the climate and natural conditions of the locality.
- Meet the psychological and physiological needs and characteristics of the local area.
4.2 Specific requirements:
- Planning - architecture targets: Propose criteria of land use, economic and technical criteria, socio-economic criteria in accordance with current standards and regulations, while ensuring high quality of life in the central area and creating harmony.
- Traffic solutions: There is a solution to organize appropriate traffic, ensure convenient accessibility, connect to the traffic system around the park, connect to the city's public transport system (Combination layout solution of Bus transit station at No. 27 Dien Bien Phu Street), there is a solution to arrange parking area for the park in combination with enhancement of parking space for the surrounding area.
- Architectural solutions: Have regulations or propose design solutions for each specific work item, appropriate aesthetic form, ensure modern facilities and equipment in accordance with international standards, best service for activities of the park.
- Space solutions: Arrangement of green spaces - the water surface harmonizes with the regional landscape, designs walking paths, places combining decorative statues, gardens with a suitable scale of cultural history of the Quang land, continuous playgrounds, fitness and sports grounds, space for organizing events, festivals ...
- Park boundary fence: Propose a soft fence surrounding the park appropriately, ensure convenient accessibility, it must note that there is a solution with the fence of the park's eastern boundary, which is adjacent to the existing residential area.
- Solution for the current lake: Propose a reasonable solution for the current lake, it must note that it must not build restaurants, waterways along the lake and on the lakeshore, have an appropriate solution to exploit the lake surface and create landscapes, regulate water, water plants, and have a sprinkler system incorporating lighting at night, and have solutions for pollution treatment, solutions to drain water into lakes ...
- Solution for green trees: Ensure the rate of green trees to shade in accordance with the standard, distribute reasonably, minimize the impact on the current green trees and have a relocation solution (if any).
- End users: Architectural planning solutions must meet the requirements of many subjects, including the elderly, children and the disabled.
- Connect the park to the surrounding areas:
+ Propose the organization of landscape space on sidewalks of roads around the park area including Dien Bien Phu and Nguyen Tri Phuong Streets.
+ Propose appropriate solutions for areas adjacent to the east of the park with existing residential areas.
+ Propose a solution to connect with the claypot rice food street along Nguyen Tri Phuong Street.
+ Propose a solution to connect with commercial area of Nguyen Kim building complex.
+ Propose a solution to take advantage of the existing pedestrian overpass (Nguyen Tri Phuong street in front of the park) and the proposed pedestrian overpass (Dien Bien Phu street in front of the park) to connect with the surrounding area.
+ Propose a solution to connect with BRT station on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street.
+ Propose the possibility of developing and expanding in the future according to the city's urban embellishment and reconstruction project to ensure the vision of development and planning from now till 2045, in which investment in renovation, upgrading, embellishment and reconstruction of urban areas, old and degraded residential areas without ensuring conditions for safety, beauty, transportation, water drainage, environmental sanitation, fire protection.
- Related technical infrastructure solutions: Propose a solution for the technical infrastructure of the park to ensure sustainable development, energy saving, efficiency, ensure renewable use, including common drainage system, water collection system around the lake, water supply systems for plants, lighting system, wastewater treatment systems, waste pollution treatment systems ...
- Economic and technical solutions: Ensure technical and financial feasibility, determine investment needs, investment stages with priority items for investment, demand for land use and economic efficiency calculation, propose operating scenarios, exploit and use appropriately the park, have solutions to call for investment socialization for appropriate construction items.
- Environmental protection solutions: Preliminary assessment of environmental impacts with solutions for environmental protection.
* Note: Other content can be proposed to meet the park's highest requirements.
5. About economic issues.
Cost of construction investment in accordance with local conditions, proper maintenance operation.
Encourage ideas and solutions that are capable of calling for broad investment.
6. Competitive examination plan.


- Establishment of Organization Committee; Selection Committee, Consultants.
- Collect documents, summarize and complete legal documents related to the competition.
- Develop a plan to organize the competition.
- Develop the competitive examination tasks.
- Develop regulations on competitive examination.
- Estimate costs.
- Launch the competition's website.

5 August 2019 – 9 August 2019
2 Consult the relevant agencies on the contents in item no. 1 9 August 2019 – 14 August 2019
3 Complete all documents to submit for approval of contents in item no. 1 14 August 2019 – 15 August 2019
4 Announce the competition information (post on newspaper, TV) 16 August 2019
5 Receive registration units 16 August 2019 – 22 August 2019
6 Consider and invite qualified units to participate in the competition (Organization Committee) 23 August 2019
7 Units surveying the status of the land 24 August 2019 – 25 August 2019
8 Participants who will take the exam 26 August 2019 – 26 September 2019
9 Receive the submissions of particiants 27 September 2019 – 01 October 2019
Select the plan and announce and award  
10 Preliminary evaluation of submissions 02 October 2019 – 03 October 2019
11 Exhibit the submissions 02 October 2019 – 07 October 2019
12 Plan protection of units 05 October 2019
13 Selection committee will mark and select
14 Announcement, award October 2019

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