III. Regulations.
1. Form:
Limited examination, invite qualified consulting units and units who won prizes in previous competitions.
2. Purposes:
- As a basis for design consultancy organizations, individuals who are eligible to participate and implement.
- As a basis for the Organization Committee and the Selection Committee to work effectively and properly.
3. Competition requirements
- Organizations and individuals who participate in the competition must meet all conditions for civil capacity and acts according to current Vietnamese law provisions.
- Participants must be fully, seriously and responsibly aware of their interests in the competition to choose qualified Architects, Engineers, highly-experienced professionals and propose a quality design plan to meet the criteria and technical requirements specified in the design task.
- Comply with Vietnamese construction design standards and regulations and international standards approved by Vietnam's competent authorities.
- Participants must bear all costs related to the exam process.
- For foreign organizations and individuals participating in the competition, they are required to have a separate interpreter.
4. Subjects and conditions for examination
- All individuals, units and organizations inside and outside the country (except for members of the Organization Committee or the Selection Committee, the Technical Assistance Team or other subjects related to the organization of the competition) who meet all requirements are allowed to participate in the competition.
- Design consulting organizations, independent companies, partnerships, joint ventures or individuals inside and outside the country have legal status and operate according to Vietnamese law; they must have full capacity for civil acts as prescribed by law.
- Each consulting unit may only participate in a partnership, the partnership minutes must specify a unit or individual who bears primarily responsibilities and must be sent to the Organization Committee. Any issues of rights and obligations between the parties in the joint venture shall be agreed upon by the parties, and the Organization Committee shall not be responsible.
5. Members of Organization Committee, Selection Committee
- Organization Committee: Including members who are leaders of the City People's Committee, representatives of the District People's Committee, Departments, and experts in the field of Architecture, Planning and Construction established under Decision No. 2902/QD-UBND dated 07 August 2019 of Thanh Khe District People's Committee.
- Selection Committee: Including members who are experts and managers in the fields: Architecture, Planning, Construction, Urban Infrastructure, Associations, Universities are consulted by the Organization Committee to be established
6. Requirements for the documents when participating in the competition
6.1 Registration to participate in the competition
Application for registration includes:
- Application form for registration (Appendix 1).
- Company profile (Appendix 2).
Application for exam registration must be submitted in person or by post to the Organization Committee through the Construction Consultancy Department, Danang Consultant Technical Construction Centre (Technical Support Group of the Organization Committee).
Based on the capacity of the registered units, the Organization Committee selects all capable units who meet the requirements to invite to participate in the competition.
6.2 Submission of products to the competition
a) General requirements:
- Each unit has no more than 02 design plans.
- Units who are invited to participate in the competition have 40 days to implement the plan (including the time to study the status quo, ask and answer problems related to the competition).
- Products are submitted in person or sent by post to the Organization Committee.
* Note: In case of submission by post, it is compulsory to arrive at the Organization Committee before the prescribed deadline, excluding postmark. If not, it will be disqualified and not returned.
b) Products for the competition:
Products must be submitted in Vietnamese, must be sealed, outside only write "Anonymous code" of the unit, including:
- Profile of participants (Appendix 3)
- Plans, including: 18 sets of drawings + explanation on A3 paper size (with CD for recording autocad soft files, explanation on word files, image files), show the contents):
+ Planning and architecture design ideas.
+ Total ground of detailed design space.
+ Design Solutions.
+ Technical and construction solutions (if any).
+ Solutions for environmental protection, fire prevention
+ Images, overall perspective, detailed perspective.
+ Estimation of cost and economic efficiency.
- 01 set of drawings displayed on hard board  of A1 size, showing the contents:
+ Overall ground (unified ratio of 1: 500), ground plan, elevations, cross section.
+ Perspectives of works, detailed perspective, miniatures.
+ Other drawings (units will propose additionally to highlight the idea).
+ Drawings proposing solutions for technical infrastructure and environmental treatment.
- Plan model (recommended).
- Video to illustrate the plan (recommended).
6.3 Anonymous rules.
Participants choose an "Anonymous Code" for their plan, consisting of 2 letters and 2 digits (eg: AB12).
The plan only shows anonymous code, must not show the name and information related to the applicant.
Participants' information are preserved and only published when the Selection Committee completes the evaluation of the exam plans.
* Note: The Organization Committee does not accept the application with the name or the symbol with the relevant information of the applicant.
6.4 Protection of the plan before the Selection Committee
After submitting the products, the participants are informed the official time and place to protect the plan before the Selection Committee.
Each participant appoints its representative to report and protect the plan in the form of presentation and explanation. Participants prepare files and show them at the time of reporting. In case of reporting in other forms, the participant shall equip itself with necessary equipment.
The maximum reporting time is 15 minutes, the foreign unit is 25 minutes.
6.5 The process of marking and selecting the plan
After studying the plans and listening to the presentation of units, the Selection Committee will analyze, evaluate and select. Plans with the highest score are ranked according to the prize structure.
Criteria for evaluating plans:

No. Evaluation criteria Maximum point
1 Planning ideas, community service 10
2 Planning solutions 40
3 Architectural solutions 30
4 Technical solutions 10
5 Economic solutions 5
6 Explanation of plan protection 5
  Total 100

* Notes: The above scoreboard is the common frame. The Selection Committee will base on the working regulations to agree on a suitable scale before marking and selecting.
           Reports on evaluation results and ratings must be confirmed by all members of the Selection Committee.
Consultants who participate in the competitive examination do not have the right to request an explanation of the grading and ranking of the plans.
6.6 Announcing the results and awarding prizes
The Organization Committee summarizes the results and reports to the investment decision-making agencies and the investor to decide and announce the official results of the competition. In case investors or investment decision-making agencies need to hear details, only high-ranking plans will be chosen to report. Consultants are responsible for preparing the full application for reporting upon request.
The award ceremony is held after the results are approved.
7. Prize structure:
The total value of prizes and support is 550,000,000 VND, of which
- 01 First prize : 300,000,000 VND.
- 01 Second prize    : 70,000,000 VND.
- 01 Consolation prize      : 40,000,000 VND.
- Support for teams entering the next round (top 07 teams achieve high scores except for the winning teams): 140,000,000 VND
The above prizes value includes taxes that the winners must pay according to regulations, it will be paid to units after the investor approves the competition results and participants have to complete the required financial procedures.
8. Rights and responsibilities of the participants
Strictly comply with this regulation.
In case of copying or re-using part of the planning and architecture project of other authors, participants must take responsibility to law and the author of such project.
Do not use the winning plan at this competition on any other competitions.
The Organization Committee has the right to use the products in the competition, negotiate with the awarding unit to select the optimal plan to deploy the next steps in accordance with the regulations.
In case of failure to negotiate or the unit with a high-ranking plan refuses to perform the subsequent design steps, the investor shall select a suitable design contractor to implement.
9. Rights and responsibilities of the Organization Committee. 
- Organize the competition openly and transparently. All requests must be communicated to the units fully and clearly.
- Protect the information of participants
- Own all products participating in the competition.
- Pay the prize money to participants as prescribed.
- Request the participants to refund prize money if he/she detects that the participants use the plan that won this competition to participate in another competition.
- Select the most qualified and suitable unit to implement the next steps based on the ideas and research results of many plans in this competition but it must specify the source while using.

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